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As of October, 2022

Executive Board

Anay Roge


Anay Roge is the President of Algory Capital. He joined in the Fall of 2021. Anay oversees various operations, including club structure, member training, partnership attainment, and algorithm development. Anay is in the Goizueta Business School pursuing Finance and Computer Science. He is also a consultant in Atlas Consulting Group and was the RHA Alabama Hall Treasurer during his freshman year. He is interested in Data and Risk Analysis through his past summer internship at Affinity Solutions. Anay is from San Ramon, CA, and enjoys hiking, traveling, and playing golf and basketball.


Evan Tao

Chief Investment Officer Global Markets

Evan Tao is a sophomore at Emory University, majoring in finance and philosophy. He is the founder and a Chief Investment Officer at Algory Capital, a student-run quantitative investment fund at Emory University managing $100k+ of the Emory endowment through a hierarchical risk parity portfolio. Evan also has a strong interest in corporate finance. He has worked on multiple M&A transactions beginning with his first internship as a due diligence intern on the acquisition of a solar panel company in the Midwest and most recently through his investment banking summer internship at Eureka Capital Partners in New York City.

Evan Tao.jpg

Jack Cai

Chief Operating Officer

Jack Cai is the Chief Operating Officer of Algory Capital. He joined in the Spring of 2022 and oversees the operations of Algory Capital, including financial processes, recruitment, events, weekly meetings, and service work. Jack is in the Emory College of Arts and Sciences pursuing a double major in Economics and English Literature. He is pursuing a career in asset management and is also a member of the Ascend Investment Mentor Group at Emory. He is from Shanghai, China, and enjoys writing, photography, golf, and cooking in his free time.

Chau Anh Nguyen


Chief Marketing Officer

Chau Anh (Chewy) is a first-year from Hanoi, Vietnam. She is in the Marketing Division and is majoring in finance and visual arts at Emory College of Arts and Sciences. She joined Algory Capital in the fall of 2022. Chau Anh and her team manage  Algory Capital's public presence and promote events on many social media pages. She has a strong interest in social justice and social entrepreneurship and had ran several enterprises in the past. She also works within the sales team for the Emory Wheel and plays in Emory's Ultimate Frisbee team, EGEWU. In her free time, she loves to draw,  discover the world's cuisines, learn Japanese, and watch movies, especially horror.

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