As of March, 2022

Executive Board

Anay Roge

Anay Roge is the President of Algory Capital. He joined in the Fall of 2021. Anay oversees various operations, including club structure, member training, partnership attainment, and algorithm development. Anay is in the Goizueta Business School pursuing Finance and Computer Science. He is also a consultant in Atlas Consulting Group and was the RHA Alabama Hall Treasurer during his freshman year. He is interested in Data and Risk Analysis through his past summer internship at Affinity Solutions. Anay is from San Ramon, CA, and enjoys hiking, traveling, and playing golf and basketball.


Evan Tao

Evan Tao is Founder of Algory Capital. He founded Algory Capital in Fall 2021 and oversees all club operations. Evan is in the College of Arts & Sciences. He is involved in investment banking, private equity, entrepreneurship, socioeconomic data research, and investment literacy through his past internships and his leadership in various clubs at Emory. Evan is from Daytona Beach, Florida, and enjoys rowing, golfing, and reviewing food in his free time.

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Jack Cai

Jack Cai is the Chief Operating Officer of Algory Capital. He joined in the Spring of 2022 and oversees the operations of Algory Capital, including weekly meetings, recruitment, events, financial processes, and service work. Jack is in the Emory College of Arts and Sciences pursuing a double major in Economics and English. He is from Shanghai, China, and enjoys writing, photography, golf, and cooking in his free time.