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Fundamental Investments
Eileen (1).JPG

Eileen Gao

Chief Investment Officer

Eileen is a senior from Sands Point, New York. She is majoring in Finance & Accounting, with a concentration in Health Innovation. Eileen enjoys traveling, scuba diving, and ballet.


Asher Choi


Asher is a senior from New York, majoring in Finance. In his free time, you can find him watching New York Knicks basketball and hanging out with his friends.

Evan Tao_edited.jpg

Evan Tao


Evan is a junior from Florida. He is majoring in Finance. He is the co-president and founder at Algory Capital.


Sabrina Widell

Vice President

Sabrina is a sophomore from Garden City, New York. She plans to major in Finance and International Business. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis and traveling.

Carson Bell.jpg

Carson Bell

Vice President

Carson is a junior from Cumberland, Maine. He is currently majoring in Economics and Finance. He enjoys playing tennis, fishing, listening to music, and spending time with friends.

Kelsey Park.jpg

Kelsey Park

Senior Analyst

Kelsey is a sophomore from Greer, South Carolina, majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science. He enjoys playing soccer, basketball, and listening to music. 


Aaron Kim


Aaron is a sophomore from Chicago, Illinois, majoring in Business, Mathematics, and Computer Science. He enjoys playing basketball, golf, and cello, and reading mangas.

Aaron Tse.jpg

Aaron Tse


Aaron is a junior from Queens, New York. He is studying Business and Quantitative Sciences with a concentration in Finance and is interested in piano, podcasts, and reading.


Jessica Koyner


Jessica (Jessi) is a sophomore from Weston, Connecticut, majoring in Economics and Political Science. Back home, she loves to play with her chickens and dog!


Austin Qu


Austin is a junior from Boston, MA, majoring in Finance. In his free time, he enjoys playing the guitar, watching movies, and traveling.


Caitlyn Ye


Caitlyn is a sophomore from Tacoma, Washington, planning to major in Business. Her hobbies include thrift shopping, collaging, and going on walks.


Justin Korn


Justin is a sophomore From San Diego, California, planning to major in Finance and Mathematics. He enjoys swimming, piano, and sushi.

Christina Wang.jpg

Christina Wang


Christina is a sophomore from Shanghai, China. She plans to major in Economics and Math and enjoys theater, hip hop dance, and stand up comedy (especially Trevor Noah and Bo Burnham).

Matthew Baron.jpg

Matthew Baron


Matthew is a sophomore from Park City, Utah, planning to double major in Finance and QSS. In his free time, he enjoys watching hockey and basketball, playing golf, and listening to music.

Kareem Safieddine.jpg

Kareem Safieddine


Kareem is a senior from Las Vegas, Nevada, majoring in Economics. You can find him going on runs, hiking, or listening to music in his free time.

Jenny Chao.jpg

Jenny Chao


Jenny is a junior from Nanjing, China, majoring in Quantitative Sciences and Economics. She enjoys traveling, photography, and playing badminton in her free time.


Anish Jha


Anish is a sophomore from Gainesville, Florida. Currently, Anish is majoring in Economics. In his free time, Anish enjoys playing table tennis, running, coin collecting, and watching sports–especially Formula 1 and football.

Derek Liu.jpg

Derek Liu

Junior Analyst

Derek is a sophomore from Vancouver, Canada, majoring in Economics and Finance. He enjoys photography, skiing, and playing electric guitar.

Sriram Subramoniapillai.jpg

Sriram Subramoniapillai

Junior Analyst

Sriram is a sophomore from Weston, Florida. He plans to major in Finance and Quantitative Sciences. In his free time, he plays soccer and watches Netflix.

William Pang.jpg

William Pang

Junior Analyst

William is a sophomore from Shanghai, China. He plans to major in Finance and Economics. In his free time, he enjoys basketball, boxing, snowboarding and cooking.

Zoe Banko.jpg

Zoe Banko

Junior Analyst

Zoe is a sophomore from Armonk, New York, intending to major in Business and PPL. She enjoys working out, reading, and picking up languages when she travels.

Alex Dahan.jpg

Alex Dahan

Junior Analyst

Alex is a sophomore from Montreal, Canada. He plans to major in Finance and Computer Science and spends much of his time working out, learning, and traveling.

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