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Quantitative Investments

Artem Linde

Chief Investment Officer

Artem is a junior from Greenwich Connecticut, planning to major in Economics, Computer Science, and Mathematics. Some of his hobbies include alpine skiing, music (self-taught piano), and traveling. 


David Jin

Vice President

David is a senior From Hangzhou, China, pursuing a major in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. He enjoys golf in his free time.

Brian Hsu.jpg

Brian Hsu

Vice President

Brian is a senior from Taipei, Taiwan, majoring in Finance and Computer Science. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and traveling.


Mason Wang

Vice President

Mason is a junior from Shanghai, China, double majoring in Mathematics, or Economics, and Computer Science. He enjoys playing piano and coding in different languages.


Nikhil Bansal

Senior Analyst

Nikhil is a sophomore from Short Hills, NJ, planning to major in Economics and Computer Science. Nikhil enjoys creating digital art, playing esports, and traveling in his spare time. 


Paige Hendricks


Paige is a junior from New York, NY, pursuing a BS in Computer Science. In her free time, she enjoys advocating for digital privacy and operational security, solving Rubik's cubes, and playing ice hockey.


Amber Zhou


Amber is a sophomore from Chengdu, China, planning to double major in Applied Mathematics and Statistics and Economics. She enjoys video games and anime in her free time.


Sherry Rui


Sherry is a junior from Dallas, Texas, pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Data Science. During her free time, she enjoys playing music and trying different foods with friends.


Harris Wang


Mingxi (Harris) is a sophomore from Beijing, China, planning to major in Business and Quantitative Sciences. He enjoys reading, playing video games, and sleeping in his free time. 

Finn Owsley.jpg

Finn Owsley


Finn is a senior from Seattle, Washington. He is majoring in Math and Economics and likes to read and write stories as well as play board games in his free time.


Sophia Xiao


Sophia is a junior from Chicago, Illinois, majoring in QSS. She enjoys normal human activities like breathing, reading, crossword puzzles, lifting, and collecting antiques.

Alex (Jianxiang) Tao.jpg

Alex (Jianxiang) Tao


Alex is a senior from Beijing, China. He is majoring in Finance & ISOM. In his free time, he enjoys various activities like meditation, and travelling.

Jonathan Li.jpg

Jonathan Li

Junior Analyst

Jonathan is a sophomore from Saratoga, California, intending to major in Business and QSS. Some of his hobbies and interests include chess, piano, and mixed martial arts.

Jiuru Lyu.jpg

Jiuru Lyu

Junior Analyst

Jiuru is a sophomore from Suzhou, China. He plans to major in Applied Mathematics and Statistics and takes interest in coffee and folk music.

Thalia Papageorgiou.jpg

Thalia Papageorgiou

Junior Analyst

Thalia is a sophomore from Boston, Massachusetts. She plans to major in Computer Science and Finance and loves to write and draw in her spare time.

Haoyang Cui.jpg

Haoyang Cui

Junior Analyst

Haoyang is a junior from Shanghai, China. He plans to pursue an AMS & Economics double major. In his freetime, he enjoys playing the piano and indulging in anime culture.

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