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Operations and Marketing
Jack Cai.jpg

Jack Cai

Chief Operating Officer

Jack is a junior from Shanghai, China, pursuing a double major in Economics and English. He enjoys writing, photography, golf, and cooking in his free time.

Chau Anh.jpg

Chau Anh Nguyen

Chief Marketing Officer

Chau Anh (Chewy) is a sophomore from Hanoi, Vietnam, majoring in Finance and Visual Arts. In her free time, she loves to draw, play Ultimate Frisbee, discover the world's cuisines, learn Japanese, and watch horror movies and anime


David Nguyen

Director of Community Involvement 

David is a sophomore from Saigon, Vietnam, majoring in Economics and Quantitative Sciences. In his spare time, he enjoys socializing, reading, and playing piano.


Jessie Lu

Vice President of Marketing

Jessie Lu is a sophomore from Long Island, NY, planning to major in Psychology and Business. In her free time, she likes to roller skate with her friends and watch TV shows. 

Toural Abasov.jpg

Toural Abasov

Marketing Associate

Toural is a junior from Toronto, Canada. He is currently pursuing a major in Finance and spends much of his time either going to the gym or working.

Jeremy Pennington.jpg

Jeremy Pennington

Operations Associate

Jeremy is a sophomore from Westport, Connecticut. He plans to major in QSS and Business. He enjoys various sports related activities including playing tennis and watching football.

Alex Dahan.jpg

Alex Dahan

Community Involvement Associate 

Alex is a sophomore from Montreal, Canada. He plans to major in Finance and Computer Science and spends much of his time working out, learning, and traveling.

Neil Pasawala.jpg

Neil Pasawala

Operations Associate

Neil is a sophomore from West New York, New Jersey, planning to major in Economics and Creative Writing. Some of his hobbies and interests include volleyball, Formula 1, and guitar.

Selena Lin (1).jpg

Selena Lin

Operations Associate

Selena is a sophomore from Toronto, Canada. She plans to major in Quantitative Sciences and Business and enjoys trying new restaurants, snowboarding, fencing, and watching true crime shows.

Zoe Banko.jpg

Zoe Banko

Operations Associate

Zoe is a sophomore from Armonk, New York, intending to major in Business and PPL. She enjoys working out, reading, and picking up languages when she travels.

Jocelyn Nguyen.jpg

Jocelyn Nguyen

Operations Associate

Jocelyn is a sophomore from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She plans to major in Psychology and Business and enjoys traveling, badminton, and exploring the city.

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