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Operations and Marketing

Jessie Lu


Jessie is a sophomore from Long Island, NY. She plans to major in Finance and Human Health. In her free time, she enjoys dancing and playing with her dog.

Jessi (1).jpg

Jessica Koyner


Jessica (Jessi) is a sophomore from Weston, Connecticut, majoring in Economics and Political Science. Back home, she loves to play with her chickens and dog!

David Nguyen.jpg

David Nguyen

Director of Community Involvement 

David is a sophomore from Saigon, Vietnam, majoring in Economics and Quantitative Sciences. In his spare time, he enjoys socializing, reading, and playing piano.

Jeremy Patzelt.jpg

Jeremy Patzelt

Marketing Associate 

Jeremy is a sophomore from Sherman, Connecticut.  He plans to major in Marketing and Consulting. In his free time Jeremy likes to  play soccer go to the gym and hang out with friends. 

Ela Gadi.jpg

Ela Gadi

Marketing Associate

Ela is a freshman from the Chicago suburbs. She plans to major in business with a French minor. In her free time, she loves the gym and shopping.


Joanna Zhu

Marketing Associate

Joanna is a sophomore from Vancouver, Canada. She plans to major in Marketing and Analytics Consulting. In her free time, she enjoys dancing and skiing.

Freddy Xiong.jpg

Freddy Xiong

Operations Associate

Frederic (Freddy) is a junior from Fremont, California. He is majoring in ISOM and minoring in Artificial Intelligence. He spends his free time burning calories at the gym or food in the kitchen.

Neil Pasawala.jpg

Neil Pasawala

Operations Associate

Neil is a sophomore from West New York, New Jersey, planning to major in Economics and Creative Writing. Some of his hobbies and interests include volleyball, Formula 1, and guitar.

Christian Pierre-Jullot.jpg

Christian Pierre-Jullot

Operations Associate

Christian is a sophomore from Sunrise FL. He plans to major in Business with a concentration in Organization Management, alongside minoring in Ethics. In His free time, he loves to bike ride, hike, meditate, spend time with his friends, explore the forest, cook, swim, and sunbathe.

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