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Divisions and Requirements



Quantitative Investments

The Quantitative Investments Division researches, presents, and implements quantitative investment and risk models for the $100k+ Algory portfolio. We teach students how to build statistical models and algorithms to analyze financial markets, and construct financial portfolios


Fundamental Investments

The Fundamental Investments Division researches, presents, and executes equity, credit, digital assets, and derivative investments for the $100k+ Algory portfolio.  The division conducts industry, company, external, internal, and comparable companies analysis, as well as Discounted Cash Flow analysis (DCF) and other risk assessments.



The Marketing Division is in charge of content creation for Algory's website and social media accounts. The division manages Algory's social media presence and public image on LinkedIn, Instagram, and on our website. 



The Operations Division manages Algory's corporate partnerships, member events, and recruitment process. Prior events and partnerships organized by the Operations Division include trading competitions, speaker events, research sponsorships, and holiday-themed member parties.


General: BBA format resume and essay questions.

Quantitative Investments: The Quantitative Investments Division is ideal for students interested in quantitative research, development, trading, and other quantitative finance roles. Experience in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Data Analytics is required.


Fundamental Investments: The Fundamental Investments Division is Ideal for students interested in investment banking, equity research, private equity, hedge fund, and other traditional finance roles. No prior experience in finance is required but interest in finance is preferred.

Applicants for the Fundamental Investments Division will also need to pitch one stock, bond, digital asset, or financial derivative that includes an Investment Overview, Investment Thesis, and an explanation of any macroeconomic or business-specific risks of the investment. 


Marketing: The division suits students interested in graphics, website design,  and marketing. 

              Skills preferred:

                        - Strong graphic design skills

                        - Proficiency in website design on the platform

                        - Curating high-quality Instagram posts.

                        - Marketing skills on various platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Tik Tok.

Applicants for the Marketing Division will need to submit a portfolio in Google Slides of their previous works which should include previous artworks and curated posts on social media (preferably Instagram).  Maximum 10 slides.

Operations: No prior experience is needed.


We want to make sure prospective applicants have a smooth application process so we recommend that you reach out and speak directly with our current members if any questions arise. 

Alternatively, contact us at with any questions and concerns. 

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